My Christmas Eve Grandma

My grandmother shone on Christmas. She was beautiful all the time, with her snow white curls (sometimes bobby pinned under to make the curl tight), her ivory skin with just the touch of pink on her cheeks, and her eyes that always crinkled with her smile. But at Christmas, my grandmother shone as bright as … Continue reading My Christmas Eve Grandma


A Magnolia Tree and Me

“Our magnolia tree’s dying and it was one of my favorite trees,” I told Bob one day as he worked in the yard, and I drank coffee and watched him work in the yard. A stick with dead brown leaves poked up from the ground where once a majestic tree stood. I remember when a … Continue reading A Magnolia Tree and Me

On the Death of Dr. Billy Graham

Today Billy Graham died and the world lost a great man. It brings tears to my eyes to imagine Jesus greeting Dr. Graham in heaven. For some of you the terms “Christian” and “saved” have come to mean things that are not true. I hope when you hear those terms you will think of Billy … Continue reading On the Death of Dr. Billy Graham

Veteran’s Day Assembly

One of the first things on the program for the Veteran’s Day assembly at my daughter’s junior high was the flag processional. The band played My Country Tis of Thee and the army, navy, air force and marine flags were each hoisted in by ninth graders dressed in their best. The music ended and there … Continue reading Veteran’s Day Assembly